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Árbol de Vida is a property located in the heart of Guanacaste, the Northwest Province of Costa Rica.

94 Acres of untouched beauty with an incredible vista of 2 volcanoes and forested river frontage. This camp and ministry provide a discipleship bridge for evangelical churches and organizations to prepare the next generation of Christian leaders.


To bear much fruit for the glory of God.

John 15
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Rooted in the life-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ, Árbol de vida exists to:

encourage + equip




teach + disciple




Welcome + refresh


Our Core Values

The Core values of Árbol de Vida are summed up in 7 words:

Prayer being the foundation of every aspect of this ministry, we don’t move until God guides the way. We believe that prayer has various forms; intercessory, thanksgiving, healing etc. which restore relationships to their appropriate place. 

God gives us an amazing picture of our place within the context of the family. Biblical family is the cornerstone of this ministry, being a covenant relationship as first exemplified in the trinity.

We strive for unity in every relationship. We celebrate our diversity in the body of Christ, but we make every effort to lay aside the cares of this world in order to inspire towards love and good deeds. 

Discipleship, being the means by which we walk with individuals regardless of age and help them find purpose in serving the Creator. 

We strive to maintain integrity in all actions and thoughts to walk blameless before the Lord. And when failure occurs, we work towards restoring that individual before God and men. 

Arbol de Vida represents a hospitality ministry where we welcome anyone in need and who desires to grow in the knowledge of our Savior.

Finally, we relish the adventure of this life. God has called us to be courageous for Christ our King; To not accept the lies or temptations of this world. We are rooted in the authority of the scriptures; utilizing the sword of the Spirit, that is the Word of God.


How you can help us


Sign up to be on our prayer support team and receive monthly emails.  We will send out monthly emails with specific prayer requests.  


We are looking for churches that have an interest in serving the people of Costa Rica and who want to partner long-term.  A church partnership is based on 2 things: monthly sponsorship and dedication to sending teams on a regular basis. 


Donations can be made in any amount at any time. 100% of the funds go directly towards developing the property and the ministry of Árbol de Vida.  

Impact lives today

The first phase will allow us to utilize the facility both for ministry and development.  Our current goal is to raise $275,000 USD.  

The funds will help us complete the needed entrance, parking areas, drainage, church rental facility (Hardy House) and lastly the Hospitality House – which will be used both for hosting teams and events.  This will allow us to continue in ministry while we develop the rest of the property.