At Árbol de Vida the program and activities we do will largely be the reason the camp succeeds and continues well into the future. The Program Director we help design and cater activities to the specific event. Some will be more active and rugged while others will be more relaxing and refreshing. The Program Director […]


One of the main goals of Árbol de Vida is to be a fully sustainable property. The Gardener / Farmer will oversee growing and harvesting essentials for ministry and events. This individual will work closely with the Community Development Director, the Kitchen Manager, Grounds Manager, and Natural Health Coach. This position includes design strategy for […]


Community is the reason we exist. Árbol de Vida aspires to have great community relationships with local churches and Christian organizations. This will be a crucial part of how we function in ministry and whether we are successful. This position will require great language skills, cultural awareness, and the ability to form trusting relationships with […]


If you are looking at this position, then you have an interest in health. As believers in Christ, we are called to be good stewards of our health both spiritually and physically. The Natural Health Coach position will oversee community health awareness. When working in poorer communities, healthy food choices are often least considered; however, […]


At Árbol de Vida our hope is to live in right relationships first to Christ, then to each other and to the community we serve. The SFD will oversee events and retreats as the facilitator of chapels, and devotional times. Essentially the SFD functions as a Chaplain for the property and the community. This position […]


Árbol de Vida is a hospitality ministry. Food services are at the center of every event, conference, retreat, or camp. The Kitchen Manager will oversee purchasing, manage menus, meal preparations and cleaning schedules. This person will coordinate the event calendar alongside the Office Manager, Community Development Director, Natural Health Coach, and the Farm Manager. Requires […]


94 Acres of land requires a lot of care and time. The property needs to be planned well in development and in maintenance. The Facilities and Grounds Manager will be largely in control of maintenance of existing facilities and development of the property. Needs to have good understanding of sustainable energies and grounds keeping. This […]


The image of Árbol de Vida must first represent Christ since He is the Tree of Life. The marketing Director will manage and maintain the website, social media, and all things marketing. This person will oversee creative design for events, things in print and online. This person will manage camp store sales and quality control […]